Three mountain and desert Guides from 1989 with long experiences in organizing all kind of trips decided to create MAROC HORIZON D’AVENTURES on 2000. A DMC Travel agency and tourism specializing in Ecotourism, hiking and trekking, camel tours, travel and adventure sports in all Morocco. 
With this solid experience in tourismorganization, our teams are everywhere for giving you thier knowhow of sahara camel treks, mountain hiking, trekking and equestrian tours in high atlas mountains, saghro and sirroua sirwa, 4WD tours to the desert and mountain, our team offers a range of products.

Need more information? Contact us travel to Office  +212 528 213 402 GSM : +212 661 212 799

    Who we are? What are our values?     


We are part of the network "Otherwise Tourism (Tourism autrement)", which calls for a fair, caring and ethic tourism. 

Our actions on the ground aimed at preserving nature, to protect local cultures and to ensure understanding and respect between visitors and visited. 

Our values: 

We develop our travel and circuits with some ethics. To travel is to respect, understand, discover, but also think of tomorrow. That is why we are particularly committed to certain values: 

• Allow places such as they are found… 
Each adventure is organized so as to leave no waste at the sites visited. After each move on our part, deserts, mountains and beaches must be left in perfect condition, for the sake of sustainable and responsible tourism. 

• Respect the water points, fauna and flora ... 
By using organic products, and taking care to leave the minimum footprint on the ecosystem that we visit. 

• The "Deserts clean" 
The recycling of wastes and their treatment is a normal practice for our teams. Some waste is transported to landfills cities or neighboring villages. 

• Traditions, customs, immersion and respect ... 
Travel must allow meetings, which is why we offer many types of accommodation at the owner and cohabitation with Berber villagers and nomads. Nevertheless, respect for all cultures and traditions, goes hand in hand with great respect, which we are very committed. 

• A tourism fair, shared resources ... 
Our teams are composed exclusively of premises, whether the guides, people renting rooms, camel and mule drivers, cooks and their remuneration is done fairly. Without claiming to humanitarian purposes, we provide the regions crossed a source of significant revenue and ask our customers to bring back clothes, or medicine for the villagers. 

Let all trips responsible!

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